Income and capitals gains calculator for crypto-currencies

Bitcoin.Tax is the leading service to help users of cryptocurrencies calculate their capital gains and income tax liabilities. Support for individuals and self-filers as well as tax professional and accounting firms.


Import details of cryptocurrency trading from one of the supported exchanges, any spending or donations that have been made, and any mined coins or income received. Bitcoin.Tax will calculate income and capital gains tax liabilties.


Compare capital gains/losses using different cost-basis methodologies, including FIFO, LIFO, and averaging/adjusted cost basis with or without like-kind treatment (prior to 2018 in US).

Reports & Exports

Download capital gains reports as CSV, Schedule D 8949 PDF and 8949 attachable statement. Import reports into TurboTax H&R Block, and TaxACT or anywhere supporting TXF. Produce reports for income and mining, gifts report and final closing positions.


Crypto services for CPAs and tax accountants

CRYPTOCPA.TAX is the new service to help tax firms and accountants that are seeing new and existing clients that have traded cryptocurrencies. With an estimated 180 million crypto users worldwide, this is quickly becoming the newest area where tax professionals have to be aware of rules and regulations and how they should correctly report crypto trading.

Multiple Clients

Using the robust calculation service, CRYPTOCPA.TAX allows accountants to add and manage data for multiple clients. Clients can be processed standalone with data imported using CSV, or invited to directly upload their data for review.

Multiple Agents

Each account can support multiple agents and clients can be assigned to individual agents.

Crypto Accountant Directory

Our crypto tax accountant directory is the largest list of knowledgeable crypto tax professionals that have experience in dealing with crypto traders. The standard directory listing is free and we offer more detailed, enhanced entries as well as promoted entries.

Reports & Exports

Capital gains reports can be downloaded as CSVs and include all 8949 data. There are also reports that can be imported into other tax software, such as Drake and CCH.


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Took about 10min. Problem solved.


You made a worrisome tax season into a manageable affair.


The premium service saved me lots by using alternative tax accounting methods.


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